Tuesday 21 September, 14.00-15.30
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An integral part of the European Green Deal is the European Climate Pact, which aims to bring together citizens in the development and implementation of the European Green Deal. While there is little experience of citizen participation processes at the EU level, several member states or local/regional actors have designed and implemented citizen panels, juries or assemblies. This panel session brings together researchers and policy actors who have been closely engaged with these national processes or who are working at the EU level. They will discuss lessons learned and the opportunities and challenges for citizen participation in the European Green Deal. It will address questions such as what is the added-value of citizen participation processes in general, and (how) can citizen participation processes lead to effective climate policy action in the EU?


  • Katarzyna Bałucka-Dębska, European Climate Pact Lead at the European Commission
  • Diarmuid Torney, Associate Professor in the School of Law and Government, Dublin City University
  • Lise Deshautel, consultant on climate policies and citizen participation, previously served as an advisor to the French Climate Assembly’s governing committee
  • Moderator, Claire Dupont, Assistant Professor of European and International Governance, Ghent University

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Citizen Participation & the European Green Deal



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