The Jean-Monnet network ‘Governing the EU’s Climate and Energy Transition in Turbulent Times’ (GOVTRAN) brings together senior and early career scholars working in a broad range of fields, including climate and energy policy, European integration, and governance studies. GOVTRAN reaches out to the wider epistemic community and other relevant scholarly networks. It actively fosters engagement with policymakers and the broader public in this field.

Network activities focus on two key aspects of recent EU climate and energy policy:

  1. the EU climate and energy policy framework for 2030;
  2. the impact of the European Union’s climate and energy policy/governance on, and contribution to, the longer-term future of Europe, European integration, and the EU.

To achieve GOVTRAN’s objectives, the network partners mobilise and coordinate academic research through a range of measures. In particular, they:

  • initiate special issues of major academic journals dealing with GOVTRAN’s core themes stated above;
  • hold international workshops;
  • organise panels at major academic conferences.

In addition, GOVTRAN generates cutting-edge scholarly input to inform the policy debate and stimulate dialogue between academia, policymakers, civil society (including business) and the wider public on the two core issues. To this end network partners:

  • publish policy briefs;
  • create blogs and podcasts;
  • organise lectures and roundtable debates. 

Through the resulting outputs, the GOVTRAN network makes available to a wide range of stakeholders and interested parties timely and pertinent knowledge resources on key aspects of the EU’s climate and energy transition and its significance for the political future of Europe. GOVTRAN will also establish a related Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).

GOVTRAN is a collaboration of four consortium partners with firmly established track records in relevant fields: The institute for European Studies at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, University of East Anglia, University of Eastern Finland, and Ghent University. GOVTRAN runs from September 2018 to August 2021.



GOVTRAN Management Board and Steering Group

Quality control and monitoring across the implementation of all GOVTRAN activities is in particular ensured through oversight by the Management Board of the partners and the Steering Group including external experts and stakeholders. The Steering Group involves representatives of the broader network and epistemic community, as well as of civil society.

Management Board

Sebastian Oberthür (IES-VUB)
Claire Dupont (Ghent University)
Andrew Jordan (University of East Anglia)
Kati Kulovesi (University of Eastern Finland)

Steering Group

Francois Dejean, EEA
Manon Dufour, E3G
Michelle Knodt, Darmstadt University
Kacper Szulecki, Oslo University
Lola Vallejo, IDDRI
Peter Vis, European Commission
Plus the Mangement Board