GOVTRAN Network Open Access Special Issue: EU Climate and Energy Governance in Times of Crisis

Journal of European Public Policy, Volume 28, Issue 7 (2021)

A new GOVTRAN special issue (SI) has been published in the Journal of European Public Policy (JEPP) on ‘EU Climate and Energy Governance in Times of Crisis,’ edited by Sebastian Oberthür, Andrew J. Jordan and Ingmar von Homeyer. All eight articles of the SI are available online open access. The issue was initiated at a workshop in Rome in autumn 2019, following a call for papers through the GOVTRAN network, and the seeds planted then have borne fruit in this volume.

The issue seeks to explore how (1) major factors underlying the EU ‘polycrisis’ (e.g., the Euro- and migration crises) and (2) EU climate and energy governance have influenced each other. The introductory chapter presents a novel framework of five crisis trends underlying the polycrisis, which enables the analysis of the polycrisis interaction with EU climate and energy governance.

Most of the contributions to the SI suggest that EU climate and energy governance has advanced significantly despite, sometimes even because of, the crisis trends. Countervailing effects of the crisis trends and actors’ strategies go a long way to explaining this puzzling finding.

Table of contents:

EU climate and energy governance in times of crisis: towards a new agenda
Ingmar von Homeyer, Sebastian Oberthür and Andrew J. Jordan

Quick and dirty: how populist parties in government affect greenhouse gas emissions in EU member states 
Detlef Jahn

Is populism a challenge to European energy and climate policy? Empirical evidence across varieties of populism
Robert A. Huber, Tomas Maltby, Kacper Szulecki & Stefan Ćetković

Accelerating low carbon transitions via budgetary processes? EU climate governance in times of crisis
Katharina Rietig

Fractionalized but ambitious? Voting on energy and climate policy in the European Parliament
Aron Buzogány & Stefan Ćetković

Weathering growing polarization? The European Parliament and EU foreign climate policy ambitions
Franziska Petri & Katja Biedenkopf

From a liberal to a strategic actor: the evolution of the EU’s approach to international energy governance
Marco Siddi & Irina Kustova

The European Union’s international climate leadership: towards a grand climate strategy?
Sebastian Oberthür & Claire Dupont

Also drawing on the SI framework:

Communitarians, cosmopolitans, and climate change: why identity matters for EU climate and energy policy
Silvia Weko

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