We had the pleasure to interview Koen Coppenholle, the Chief executive of Cembureu- The European Cement Association. He shares his vision for the future of Europe, discusses what is working well and where Europe is facing challenges.


“The conventional technologies allow us to reduce our emissions by 32% but we need breakthrough technologies like carbon capture and storage that take the 32% to 80%”

Koen discusses the role of Europe and that of industry in ensuring a climate conscious policy environment for sustainable futures. If you want to hear the full interview, here is a link to the podcast.

“you can’t as Europe be an island where you say: we are doing fantastic in terms of climate change, but we are not taking into account imports from third countries that do not have a climate legislation”

This video interview is a part of an interview series with the various European stakeholders focusing on climate and the future of Europe. It aims to identify main obstacles as well as the potential solutions and ways forward – from voices we don’t hear every day. Interview by Ólöf Söebech and Louise Baduel.

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