The GOVTRAN project will be organising a panel at the The European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) general conference, held at the University of Wrocław, Poland on 5-7 September 2019.


Our panel (number P121): EU Climate and Energy Policy and the Future of Europe, includes five paper presentations. The panel addresses the interrelationships between the EU’s growingly ambitious and harmonized energy and climate policy, and the apparent crisis of the European project. How can EU climate and energy governance contribute to achieving more integration, and what implications may the dynamics of European(dis)integration have for climate and energy governance? The panel looks at different aspects of EU climate and energy governance, especially the evolution of the Energy Union and the 2030 Framework, as they relate to the broader political processes determining the “Future of Europe/the EU”. It in particular attempts to zoom in on key trends that shape the European integration process and explores how EU climate and energy governance interacts with these drivers, i.e. affects them and is affected by them.

Don’t miss our panel if you are in Wroclaw for the conference!

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