GOVTRAN call for papers on ‘Participation and Justice in EU climate and energy policies’’

Panel proposal for Earth System Governance conference, Bratislava, 15-17 September 2020


Power, participation and justice in EU climate and energy policies: engaging with the socio-technical nature of sustainability transitions in Europe

This panel aims to critically engage with sustainability transitions that make up the substance of the EU’s climate and energy policies. Although often presented as techno-scientific and ‘neutral’ evolutions, such transitions are inextricably bound up with questions of social arrangements and institutions, power and exclusion, procedural and distributive justice, as well as normative, societal preferences. Given the EU’s recent emphasis on supporting a ‘just’ transition through its climate- and energy policies, it is important to enhance our understanding of how the current policy record of the EU and its member states can be evaluated in this regard, as well as how future policy arrangements could better take these issues into account. This panel will add to these topical debates by bringing together perspectives from political sciences with emerging perspectives from science- and technology studies and transition studies. Central questions include: what is the political role of technological innovation in the context of sustainability transitions in Europe? To what extent are sustainability transitions in Europe ‘just’ in terms of democratic participation and distribution of costs and benefits within society? How can we evaluate democratic participation in such transitions, and how could it be improved?


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Please submit your abstracts (maximum 400 words) to Frederik De Roeck ( by Tuesday 14 January.


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