Challenging assumptions and status quo: What needs to change and how much needs to change in order for us to reach 1,5°C or 2°C climate goals? And who can implement this change? What are we doing well, and where are we failing? These are some of the overarching questions we have been asking the various European experts in the field of business and innovation, industry, research and civil society. People with experience, and understanding of the EU policy world come together in this series to discuss real ways forward.


Stay tuned on our GOVTRAN network website or twitter. The interviews will be published throughout September 2019. Our interviewees are:

  • Kirsten Dunlop, Chief Executive at EIT Climate -KIC
  • Koen Coppenholle, Chief Executive of Cembureu – The European Cement Association
  • Doreen Fedrigo, Head of Circular Economy Policy at ECOS – European Environmental Citizens’ Organisation for Standardisation
  • Olga Chiappinelli, Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Climate Policy Department at DIW Berlin

This video interview series with the various European stakeholders focusing on climate and the future of Europe aims to identify main obstacles as well as the potential solutions – from voices we don’t hear every day. The interview is conducted for the Jean Monnet Network GOVTRAN Governing the EU’s Climate and Energy Transition in Turbulent Times. Interview by Ólöf Söebech and Louise Baduel.


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